John Pudner, Founder

John Pudner founded Concentric Direct on the vision of being able to go into any community in the United States and create action from the ground up. Concentric Direct combines John’s extensive political campaign expertise with his corporate experience to provide cost effective strategies to achieve big ‘wins’ for clients in both arenas.

His results-oriented tenacity was fostered by being the oldest of nine children growing up in a 3-bedroom house in the inner city of Richmond, Virginia. In spite of staggering crime rate (in one six-day span there were three separate murders within a block of his boyhood home), John persevered by delivering more than 500 newspapers a day to build his first small business. He now has nine children of his own, and credits his ability to tackle projects in any region of the country with the extended period of time he spent in the Midwest, West, Northeast and South. While growing up he often spent time with extended family in New York, Los Angeles, and Alabama, before attending Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. To this day, he still leads door-to-door efforts in a half dozen states each year, feeling comfortable knocking on a door in any part of the US.

After a short journalism career, John spent a decade running political campaigns in which he developed highly efficient grassroots organizations. Despite being drastically outspent and challenging long-term incumbents, he won more than 75 percent of his races in ten years. He joined the corporate world at InteliData Technologies, where he won a $10 million bid on a telco program from SBC and oversaw its implementation. In his subsequent role as Director of Operations, he oversaw employees in Ohio, Connecticut and Virginia, while coordinating efforts with dozens of engineers and programmers who created early-stage home banking software.

During three years in the corporate arena, John saw the potential to combine the best practices from campaigns and business to efficiently bring the grassroots process he had developed – utilizing a call center and proven on-the-ground political operatives – under tight corporate accountability to win public affairs efforts. He rose to Senior Vice President at McGuireWoods Consulting, the public affairs subsidiary of an 800-lawyer firm with 18 offices nationwide.

Pudner was featured in Campaigns and Elections for defeating a $10 million campaign to restructure taxes in Alabama on behalf of the Alabama Farmers Federation and other allies. Pudner combined the best of members from the team he assembled for that effort with the subcontractors from 42 states he oversaw on behalf of campaigns for the Boeing Company, Microsoft and Bush 2000 to form Concentric Direct LLC. Concentric cut out overhead to deliver what a client needs: grassroots efforts to mobilize residents who agree with a clients' position to vote, show up at public hearings, call their elected officials, call local radio shows, and/or write to local newspapers.

John also has extensive public policy experience, highlighted by his authorship of the Georgia Department of Education’s “Public Charter School Foundation” program, an effort was designed to identify and educate Georgia residents who are interested in the merits of a charter schools in their community. This successful study was entered into the public record by the Georgia DOE.

Concentric Direct has demonstrated its customer-focused value by securing big wins in zoning hearings, referenda campaigns, state presidential nominations, city council races, and key open-seat legislative races nationwide. Our team continues to grow, and our subcontractors and employees can help corporate and political clients win in any region in the Continental US. See our map for capabilities in your state.

Jared S. Thomas, CEO

Jared Thomas, a grassroots campaign veteran, has experience in local, federal and statewide political campaigns.

In 2002, Thomas managed a state senate race in traditionally liberal Athens, home of the University of Georgia. Jared beat a Democratic incumbent, helping the GOP take over the Georgia State Senate for the first time since Reconstruction.

Thomas managed the successful 2004 campaign of Congressman Tom Price, now chairman of the Republican Study Committee, for the overwhelmingly Republican Georgia 6th seat vacated by Johnny Isakson.

As a staffer in the Georgia State Senate in 2003, Thomas composed and successfully navigated charter school reform legislation through the House and Senate. The reform was ultimately signed into law by Governor Sonny Perdue in June of 2003.

In August of 2006, Thomas was named the first state director of Americans for Prosperity, a national free-market grassroots group. Starting with a membership of 200, Thomas built the organization into a force of over 11,000 members in less than three years. He has organized dozens of grassroots events in support of such issues as tax reform, healthcare reform and school choice.

In addition to political work, Thomas has run grassroots campaigns for many issues and Fortune 500 corporations. He has written stand-alone pieces that have appeared in many publications, including the Wall Street Journal and the Atlanta-Journal Constitution.

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