Call Center

Many of our efforts start from our call center. Concentric Direct is experienced at running campaigns ranging from 12 million calls over the course of a month to calls to a few hundred voters in a city council race. Our team develops strategy and scripts, monitors the calls as the campaign progresses, and makes adjustments to identify and motivate people who agree with your public affairs needs.

CASE STUDY: We were called in after a State Senate voted 42-4 to approve a bill that would have cost a client millions.  We analyzed pros and cons of the bill through the eyes of an average voter, and identified a weakness that would turn voters against the measure.  Our strategy was so effective that within a week of starting to call, more than 7,000 voters had called their legislators. Both parties hastily agreed to withdraw the bill, to the dismay of the 70 lobbyists hired on the other side of the issue.        

Grassroots and grasstops

While phone calls can be the beginning of a project, the heavy lifting is done during local meetings.  We meet with citizens who agree with your public policy position, provide support for community groups, and drive attendance at public hearings.  Citizens may already be a part of an existing group or identified through our call center, but the end result is people empowered to affect public policy.

CASE STUDY: Concentric has won dozens of zoning fights, both in favor of reasonable growth to create jobs and against unreasonable growth without suitable infrastructure.  In one case, we created a multi-state campaign on an issue of critical importance to one of the nation’s largest privately held companies.  Concentric Direct organized local coalitions to speak out on behalf of community concerns and target communications at local and state policy makers, while our on-the-ground activities generated favorable media coverage.  The result: a host of high-level meetings throughout the US, and federal officials ultimately backing off attempts to break up the company.

Strategic communications

The right message at the right time heard by the right people makes all the difference.  The strategic advantage we bring comes from over two decades as senior communications professionals in local, state, national and international arenas.  We can tailor message development and positioning, media training, public relations, paid advertising, and online campaigns to support your on-the-ground activities.  From a community newspaper editor or city hall reporter to a TV news anchor or nationally known blogger, Concentric Direct puts your strongest message in front of the targets that need to hear it.

CASE STUDY: Concentric Direct designed and produced a statewide radio advertising campaign to support the efforts of diverse coalition of business and community groups opposing a statewide referendum.  Outspent by more than 2 to 1, our solution applied grasstops media outreach to drive awareness of the radio campaign.  The coalition prevailed, the referendum lost, and our radio campaign was awarded a Pollie, the nation’s top award for public affairs advertising.

Winning elections locally and nationally

We still run campaigns for specific candidates as well and can coordinate call center operations, direct mail, TV, radio, and grassroots volunteer efforts for political candidates at any level, working directly for the candidate or for associations or PACs.

CASE STUDY: Concentric Direct continues to win in excess of 80% of the races it contests, with recent wins as diverse as: Mitt Romney’s primary win in Wyoming, Brenda Pogge overcoming the Democratic tide in Virginia to win an open state legislative seat, 9 of 10 Cleveland City Council races, 18 of 19 local referenda including several that had been lost in the past, and a Georgia legislative race.  The same program has been responsible for Concentric Founder John Pudner winning 68 of 77 races in Alabama, including several upsets of incumbents and 10 of 11 open seats, on behalf of the Alabama Farmers Federation.

Knowledge. Experience. Success.